Armored Warfare is new game about modern tanks, armored vehicles and more. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and belong to, one of best mmo publisher in Russia. Yes they been have big fail in allods online but it been ages ago and they even make p2p server, ArcheAge and Dragon Nest been fine so we can trust them.
Armored Warfare - information about game
There going be 2 server from start  International and Russian, subscribe to both and have x2 chance to win invite in closed beta.

Today they released game trailer:

We can see tanks, helicopters and even aircrafts in it.  Too bad  helicopters and aircrafts probably going be NPC only.

Also we can see that environments can be destroyed, game work on CryEngine 3 so we see fine graphic.

Some information from Russian websites, it not final  information and many can be changed:

1. Game going have coop PVE mode,  enemy amount going be bigger then players.

2. Technique is presented in the game from the 50s of the last century to the early 21st century.  Already have T-80, Leopard 2A5, Challenger 2

3. Range of combat vehicles is very diverse: there are tanks, light armored jeeps and tank destroyers from many countries- Russia, USA, UK, Germany and others.

4.  15 vs 15 pvp,

5. Clan wars in plans, they going fight for territory.

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