Epic Seven - 2021 Collaboration Calendar Revealed

Epic Seven - 2021 Collaboration Calendar Revealed
Epic Seven - Collaboration Calendar Revealed for 2021 year. I actually already excepted to see it, but really? smilegate, why you hate your own playerbase? Even Azur Lane managed to get perfect collaborations, but it's already 3rd year for Epic Seven, and still...

Epic Seven Collaboration Calendar

First Collab

Japanese Epic Seven Twitter announced Guilty Gear Collaboration Rerun for April

The collaboration between Epic Seven and GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 will be repeated in April! 
The collaboration with Guilty Gear will return to the successors in a slightly different way than before. Stay tuned for more news!

I expect to see a new hero, probably I-No. Actually, I loved the first collab with GG, it's just I'm a bit tired of 3-year similar collaborations.
Epic Seven - OP Free 5* Hero, First Collab

2019, 2020, and now 2021. GG collab rerun will be available for all servers and it's actually the best time for the new players to get free OP heroes.

Second Collab

Ok, things not so bad as we think. Epic Seven officially run streams with insiders and they're revealed about collaboration with a totally new IP in June. Maybe even before June.

It's just... later year (2020) right in June we also got a new collab, but it's been just so-so.
Epic Seven x Kizuna AI Collab

Kizuna AI - super popular vtuber and collab got really hyped, but in the end collab with her been way too bad. Only one collab unit - 4-star hero, really? just that?

Azur Lane Collab with Kizuna AI
Azur Lane Collab with Kizuna AI
4 good heroes. 

I really hope that upcoming June 2021 collab will be better.

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