Hero Cantare - Rachel, Skills Information

Hero Cantare - Rachel
The Evil Girl

From Tower of God, Rachel.

Hero Cantare is a good webtoon gacha and worth trying. Last Hero Cantare collaboration with Unholy Blood webtoon been very good. At least compared to other gachas.

Rachel from Tower of God will be updated in Hero Cantare.

She’s ranked in Hero Cantare's latest Players' Survey held from Sep. 11 to Sep. 21, 2020! (Players' favorite female Hero to be released from all countries as total.)

She will be released on Feb. 27th (SAT), 19:00 PST



Hero Cantare - Rachel, Skills Information
1-Chain Skill (Lv. 5) I The Treasure-Eating Stingray
Attacks the opponent with the highest ATK with (120% ATK] and generates a Shield with [20% of the Maximum HP] to self for 1 turn. if the Hero has 4 or more Debuffs, generates the same Shield to an ally with the lowest HP.
2-Chain Skill (Lv. 5) I Lighthouse Compression
Attacks an opponent with (18096 ATK] and grants 2 allies Immune to Debuff for 2 turns.
3-Chain Skill (Lv. 5) I The Fishtank of Crave
if the Hero has 4 or more Debuffs, removes all opponents' applied Buffs. Attacks all opponents with (14096 ATK] and generates a Barrier to all allies that returns 8096 of incoming DMG to the opponent for 2 turns. (The returning DMG cannot exceed 15096 of the Hero's ATK.)
1-Passive Skill I Step to the Star
10% ATK, 20% HP, and 1096 DMG Deflection Boost 1096 ATK Boost per an applied Debuff on self(Max 20096).
2-Passive Skill I The Liar Girl
Absorbs 1 Debuff applied to an ally when the Hero is being hit if the Hero has 5 or more Debuffs when attacking, grants all allies immune to DMG 1 time (Activated 3 times in a battle).

Rachel’s Hero Dungeon is updated.

Hero Cantare hero dungeon

Pick Up Cube: Rachel, Sujin Lee

Hero Cantare pick up cube

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