Grand Fantasia Reborn - Pre-Registration, Translated Story and Gameplay

Grand Fantasia Reborn Gameplay
Grand Fantasia Reborn - upcoming mobile game made by X-Legend Entertainment, Taiwanese developers famous for Aura Kingdom, Kitsu Saga, Eden Eternal, Twin Saga etc.

Does Grand Fantasia Reborn (Original TW version called - 精靈樂章-這樣的夥伴沒問題嗎) 
related to the PC version of Grand Fantasia?
Only in some small parts.
Just like almost all X-Legend mobile games, most of them are action RPGs with auto mode and very different from their PC versions. 

But. Does it bad? I can't say so before we actually play in-game. At least the art looking good.
Grand Fantasia Reborn - Pre-Registration, Translated Story and Gameplay



Grand Fantasia Reborn classes
4 classes, each with 2 advancement routes.
Warrior - Berserker or Paladin
Archer - Ranger or Assassin
Priest - Cleric or Sage
Mage - Wizard or Necromancer


Grand Fantasia Reborn sprites
In the mobile version, sprites got the ability to transform into a human form and I assume they will act as Eidolons. (I can be wrong tho)
Grand Fantasia Reborn Sprites Human Form


Pre-registration available for players from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. 
They will need to sign in through Facebook and put mobile phone number. 
but foreigners can pre-register through google play and the ios store!

Google translated part

Fantasy world, enjoy exploring
Stepping into the mysterious and magical continent of Saphael, the vast beauty of mountains, plains, rivers, or lakes and marshes can be seen everywhere, and adventure is no longer boring. You will travel everywhere as an elf messenger, and at the same time lead the elves to fight the alien civilization together, explore as much as you want, and create the most special adventure memories with your partners!

Sprites, personal guardian.
The sprites are unique magical creatures in the continent of Saphael. They always refer to the sprite messengers (Players) as "masters" intimately. They center on the master in everything and accompany them all the time. Q. The cute appearance hides funny, arrogant, optimistic, and other different personalities, which make people love it. Come and develop your own cute creature!

Grand Fantasia Reborn Gameplay
Form a super sprite expedition team, equip the guardian sprites with different memory cards, and cast a variety of secret skills to defeat the enemy! There are thousands of strategies for a monster king, and multiple skill characteristics such as powerful damage output, guarding the master's defense recovery, providing a variety of enhanced auxiliary battles, etc. to help you reverse the situation.

Dream island, individual life
Grand Fantasia Reborn dream island
Become the lord of an island, the operation and decoration are up to you! Full 3D island landscaping. Hundreds of different furniture are made through the workshop, which belong to your individual island. You can also send sprites to run errands, collect or make equipment. All-powerful equipment or gorgeous fashions are all made by yourself.

Various costumes and cosmetic items
In the world of Saphael, there are many stories that adventurers are interested in. Through battles, missions, books, dream islands, and other systems, filling up the collection of records step by step will bring the characters to continuous growth and at the same time. Get more than a hundred kinds of appearances!



Grand Fantasia Reborn story
On the beautiful continent of Saphael, whether it is mountains, plains, rivers or lakes, or marshes, you can easily see the magical creatures we are familiar with.
Magical creatures that are kind, peaceful, and love to accompany people, we call them "sprites".

The sprites possess powerful magical powers. With the cooperation of humans and sprites, they have expelled the evil dragon, surpassed countless disasters, and a peaceful and beautiful world emerged spontaneously.

However, the peace did not last long. People gradually split due to their greed for rights, fierce struggle ignited wars, the beautiful world no longer exists, and the sprites born of Saphael are homeless.
A group of human allies, who called themselves Sprite Messengers, took the sprites and fled to live on Shiva Island, the last pure land in the world.

Now even if the flames have subsided, the beauty that has passed is no longer.
As time passed, the "sprites" were gradually forgotten by the world, and at the same time, they lost their magical power...

According to rumors, when the last trace of Sephael's magical power disappears, the world will be destroyed.
We call that day the "Day of Destiny".

As the earth gradually recovered its former glory, the day of fate suddenly came...

No one knows where the invaders came from. With the image of the 12 constellations of the zodiac, they attacked the continent of Saphael, which has been guarded by the elf messengers for no reason.
Repeated battles and invasions brought devastating disasters, and waves of invasions caused Saphael to be painful.

The great Sprite Messengers~
Just like once saved the sprites, once again gather your strength to fight against the rampant invaders, and turn the fate of Saphael again!


Do we need a wiki for Grand Fantasia Reborn?

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