Abyss Horizon - English Server Shut Down

Abyss Horizon - English Server Shut Down
Do you remember the 3D ship waifu game similar to Azur Lane? It's called Abyss Horizon and we still have 1 month to enjoy it before global servers will be permanently closed.

What happened with Abyss Horizon

- low player base, only 1,8k~ people liked their official Facebook page
- in 2018 SEGA has announced that they have filed a lawsuit against MorningTec Japan for copyright infringement Sega’s KanColle Arcade (艦これ アーケード). Not sure how it ended, but sometimes it would take several years. Maybe it affected.

Farewell Message

Abyss Horizon boss
Dear Commanders,
We are sorry to inform you that the server will be shut down at 22:00 on Feb. 25th, 2021 (DST). The recharge feature will be closed on Jan. 19th, 2021. All commanders will receive rich daily gifts after that!

Thanks for your support and love for the game in the 395 days! We encountered all kinds of bugs and difficulties since Abyss Horizon (English) was released on Dec. 25th, 2019, fortunately, everything was resolved with the accompany of commanders. And thank you all for witnessing our growth, we sincerely appreciate it!

We wish all commanders will have a gorgeous life and happy every day! Looking forward to your join again in the future! Everything will be better!
AbyssHorizon Team


Abyss Horizon gameplay
All Abyss Horizon server closed. Japan, Korea, English, and Chinese.

Similar mobile game - Azur Lane. But it's not 3D. 

or you can play in a high-quality real ship game - World of Warships on any computer or even without a graphic card.

Let's watch videos with Abyss Horizon Gameplay 

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