US against Chinese goods and how would it affect the Chinese Mobile Games

US against Chinese goods
US Customs and Border Protection has issued 5 Withhold Release Orders on goods from China today. How would it affect the Chinese Mobile Games?

How this happened?
First CBP officers at JFK Airport on September 14th, 2020 seized 2,000 counterfeit "Apple AirPods" from Hong Kong.

They actually seized OnePlus earbuds that cost way lower. Many people and even OnePlus company workers thought it was a mistake, but does CBP workers so stupid? obviously no. 

And today CBP issued 5 Withhold Release Orders.

1. I'm not using Chinese made Hair Products, it's better to buy local products since in case you got problems, you can sue them. 
2. idk what are they doing. Probably some small items. 
3. Unknown quality and materials. 
4. RIP not cheap laptops from China.
5. RIP shops who resell them in other countries.

Chinese Mobile Games Next?

I know that CBP can't do anything against them, but the U.S. gov can. From seizing oneplus earbuds we can see that this situation initiated by a new anti-china movement in the USA. 

I don't care about China vs America war, but app stores must really start doing something against 'fake' Chinese games that use stolen arts/assets. Recently I encountered even more disgusting things, some Chinese companies creating slightly changed arts based on original works and claiming it's their own works. 

I'm not going to claim that it's bad, at least for game developers it's always easier to create games based on popular works than their own unique world.

That leads to the situation in which no one wants to invest in mobile games with an unknown future.

Best example - Final Gear - (重装战姬), a High-Quality Chinese game that has been released last year, but lack of investments and low popularity caused huge problems to developers. Even the Japanese recognized it and started an official collab with them. Btw new Japanese server of Final Gear coming soon! I'll try to write about it somewhat soon.
And now check the huge amount of the 'fake' Chinese mobile games that use stolen arts from popular Animes such as One Piece, Fairy Tail, Gundam etc 

It's even worse with 'fake' games based on Chinese culture and original works.

And it really works. Most of the 'fake' games low quality, but in the first months, they have a huge popularity that also quickly declines. That leads to devs creating new servers each day and shut down the game half a year later. 

So, in short - just don't support low-quality games even if they're looking good. Play at least for a month before supporting them.

Will the US start an action against Chinese mobile games

- is still unknown.
If someone told me about US sanctions against Huawei 2 years ago, I'll say that it's impossible. Now not only google play can't be installed on the new Huawei phones, they even got a huge problem with SoC.

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