Gran Saga - Korean Server CBT Announced

Gran Saga CBT
Gran Saga - Upcoming anime-style cross-platform MMORPG developed by NPIXEL, developers of Seven Knights.

Gran Saga will be available on PC and Mobile Phones. For better experience phone must be not weaker than - Galaxy S8, NOTE9 (Android 9.0 or later) / iPhone 7 (iOS 13.0 or later).

CBT Recruiting

- application period: 9/9 (Wed) ~ 9/20 (Sun)
- Recruitment: anyone who has been waiting for grand saga.

Too bad only players with Korean Mobile Phone number can register for the upcoming cbt.

Does Gran Saga worth our time?

Let's check what we know for now. 
1. Beautifull cell shading graphic that runs on Unreal Engine 4.
2. Action RPG.
3. Story.

Some players claim that Gran Saga similar to Granblue Fantasy (GBF)
English version will be available in 2021-2022.


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