Action Taimanin - Global Server Pre-Registration

Action Taimanin - Global Server
Global Server Pre-Registration started for a famous game - Action Taimanin. How did this game become famous and why these girls look somehow familiar?

Because it's based on an anime from 2007 - Taimanin Asagi, or Anti-demon Ninja Asagi. 18+ anime, but we're not going to see anything similar. Action Taimanin will be released on PC, mobile phones, and has an age rating of 13+ on Google play. 


Action Taimanin - Global Server pre register
Just enter the official website and register by email. 
I'm don't think we will get any special prizes tho.
There's still no exact release date right now, but probably in October.


In the near future,
Japan is plagued with the demons from the dark side.

There existed an ancient,
unspoken rule of non-interference between humans and demons,
but as the humanity descends into decadence, the rule is now obsolete;
it is the darkest time, with the criminal syndicates pulling the strings.

But those who sought the righteous path were not hopeless.
The government has established an organization of ninjas to fight against the evil.

They were known as the Taimanins.

In order to fight against the international terrorism and demonic threats,
a Taimanin task force is established.
Their first mission is to retrieve the bio-weapon that was stolen from
UFS base in Japanese territory.

Things take an unexpected turn, however, as an unexpected ally joins the task force,
and equally unforeseen enemy approaches them.

The enemy is said to be related to Igawa Asagi, the Almighty Taimanin...

Good luck, Taimanins! It's time to watch anime and know what will happen with our heroines.

But before we all do that, let's check game features. 



Action Taimanin combat
- Combat
Intense hack-and-slash action with simple taps and swipes!
Combine skills, supporters, and weapons to customize your combat style!
Action Taimanin characters
Action Taimanin supporters
- Characters
3+ gorgeous playable characters and 30+ lovable supporter characters from the famed Taimanin franchise at your service!
Win their flavor to unlock exclusive, intimate visual novel stories!
Action Taimanin prevate room
- Private Room
Pose and deploy the 3D models and create your own action screenshots!
All playable characters and enemies available for 3D sandbox fun!
Action Taimanin facility
- Facility 
Use your facilities to train Taimanin, craft items, and upgrade weapons!
Keep your training online while you are offline!
Action Taimanin weapons
- Weapons
Collect bets weapons and DESTROY enemy!
Action Taimanin costumes
- Costumes
Collect good looking costumes. 

and now it's time to watch Anti-demon Ninja Asagi anime. 

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