Hero Cantare - SEA server and P2W Costumes

Hero Cantare - SEA server
Hello everyone, Hero Cantare finally available in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand! Together with a new server - Crusader Mira.

For new players who play from an Android smartphone/tablet - game required at least 3GB RAM. With 2GB or less game just keeps crashing after several minutes.

Download Hero Cantare here (official links)
- Google Play:https://bit.ly/2TykTFi
- App Store:https://bit.ly/2Txj5w4
In case someone still need - Hero Cantare Tiet List 

Hero Cantare summer Costumes
What is Costume?
A Costume changes your Heroes’ look with a specific theme besides the Hero’s SD design and attack motions. Plus, costume grants one more attribute to the Hero when equipped. Lastly, collecting as many as costumes gives you accumulated bonus to your account.

If a Hero’s Costume is updated, the ‘COSTUME’ button will be activated in the Hero’s info.

Changes in Appearance
The most significant change when the Hero equips a costume is the Hero’s appearance. The Costume changes the designs below:
Hero’s illustration
Hero’s SD design
Hero’s 1/2/3 Chain motions
(※ The Hero’s skill effects remain the same.)
Dual Attributes
The Costume grants the Hero one more attribute as Sub attribute. When the hero equips the Costume, the hero gets dual attributes. (The default attribute is called the Main attribute, and the costume attribute is called Sub attribute.)
When the Hero equips a Costume,
Hero Cantare P2W Costumes
- The Hero attacks with more effective attributes to the opponent.
- The Hero defends with the Hero’s default (Main) attribute.

For example, Marine Blue Endorsi Costume grants ‘Ice’ attribute as Sub attribute to Endorsi, who is naturally a ‘Light’ attribute Hero. When she meets a Fire attribute opponent, she attacks with the ‘Ice’ attribute to deal more damage with the attribute bonus and defends with the ‘Light’ attribute when she equipped the Marine Blue Endorsi Costume.

Costume Collection Bonus
Hero Cantare  Costumes

Each costume has a Costume Collection Bonus that is activated when owning it, and Costume Collection Bonus can be accumulated. Even if your Hero doesn’t equip a Costume, you can get the Costume Collection Bonus.
Applied Costume Collection Bonus can be found at your account’s profile.
How To Buy A Costume?
Hero Cantare - P2W Costumes
Costumes can be purchased in the ‘COSTUME’ tab of the Hero with ‘Costume Coin’ or ‘Gems’. Select the Costume you want and tap the [Buy Costume] button. It will display how many Costume Coins or Gems you need to buy it. If you have enough currency, tap the [Purchase] button.
It will display how many Costume Coins you need to buy it. If you have enough Costume Coins, tap the [Purchase] button.
Costumes can be purchased from the ‘Costume Shop’ in the Store, too.
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