Echoes of Pandora - Pre-Registration for the Japanese version, Expected Release Date

Echoes of Pandora - Pre-Registration for Japanese
Echoes of Pandora - Action RPG Gacha developed by Chinese company Jinjiao Network Technology and published by Eyedentity Games Japan INC. Featuring anthropomorphic weapon girls aka Pandora. All kinds of units based on real weapons. Sea. Land. Air.

Google Translated Story
22nd century, humankind realized advanced science and technology such as artificial intelligence, machine life, and spatiotemporal transition.

The "Pandora's Box" left by extraterrestrial life has broken through the bottleneck of science and technology, but the "box" brought to mankind was not the only benefit.

From the opened "box", disasters spread, and more than half of all humankind has transformed into machines with no reason, and the world has entered a time of chaos.

It seems that years have passed and the disaster has been rejected by the wisdom of humankind, but there is no end to crimes committed in the time domain due to their own interests and desires.

Meanwhile, the space-time terrorist organization "Sphinx" was overrunning the history of mankind and space-time, and was aiming for the appearance of a new "box" and the reproduction of disaster.

The Commander of the "TLSC" Time Series Security Command confronts the terror war that transcends space and time with the "Pandora" class girls in order to prevent the disaster of the "box" while protecting the history and the safety of space and time.

--Commander, can you protect the world with me?
Echoes of Pandora - gameplay japan
1. 120+ anthropomorphic weapon girls (Pandora) based on real weapons.
2. Real-Time Battles. Echoes of Pandora - been announced last year and already have a 3rd CBT with most players keep playing again. 
3. Customization.
4. Hardcore battles (at least for now).
5. Nice looking graphic.
6. Enjoy military equipment from the USA, Japan, Germany, France, USSR/Russia, England, and other countries.
7. Dorm System.
Echoes of Pandora - Pre-Registration for Japanese
Official Japanese Echoes of Pandora website

Expected release date for iOS Japanese version: May 26, 2020.

No Reddit/Discord groups for now.

Gameplay (From 1st CBT)

I advise to play on the Japanese server because of possible collabs. Ofc until Global or SEA server out. This game will be a huge hit for sure.
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