Exos Heroes - Global Version Pre-Registration, Tier List, and Guide

Exos Heroes - Global Version Pre-Registration, Tier List, and Guide
Exos Heroes - Beautiful 3D Korean TRPG developed by Oozoo and published by LINE Games.

The grand adventure to search for ‘Exestruk’, the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon!
Face the evil forces threatening the peace of the Exos Continent!
Exos Heroes - Global gameplay
1. Become the Airship captain and feel the vast world.
2. Walk on World Map.
3. Collect over 200 heroes with unique character designs, and enjoy the awesome play with powerful Fatecore.
4. PVP.
5. Raids.
6 Daily dungeons.

Exos Heroes Pre-registration link
Rumor - Possible launch date: 28 May. (Not confirmed for now)

Tier List
Taken from reddit.
Exos Heroes Tier List

Taken from reddit. For full version check link, information about skins and rare heroes inside.

Few things about battle system
  • There are 6 elements: Fire, Ice, Nature, Machinery, Light, and Dark
  • Each hero has 1 element assigned to him/her
  • Each hero has 1 Protection stone with one of elements above. This can be changed with 100 Zes (In game currency)
  • You can break this protection stone by attacking with same element type hero. For example, if your Bathory has Nature protection stone, any nature type hero will "break" her. Any "Broken" hero will receive 50% more damages and stunned for 7 turns (except machinery protection stones... which will put hero in break status for 12 turns)
  • You can increase the number of protection stones by equipping Unique (운명) gears except for weapon.
Summon system
  • Free summons (무료 영입) - You can get up to Rare (희귀, Nat *3) from here.
  • Premium summons (고급 영입) - 70 Zes for 1 attempt, and 700 Zes for 11 attempt. For 11 attempt, you can have 1 Legendary (전설, nat *4) or above hero guaranteed. For total of 700 spend, you can get 1 free Rare or above hero summon ticket. For total of 7000 spend, you can get 1 Unique (운명, Nat *5) summon ticket. You also get 1 Myu for 11 attempt. Myu is used for Skin upgrade. There are some hero that cannot be summoned through this system, though.
  • Exodium summons (엑소디움 소환) - 10 Exodiums for 1 attempt. You can get exodiums from expeditions and dailies.
  • Sunstone summons (태양석 소환) - 300 Sunstone (태양석) for 1 attempt. You can select the continent for the summon, and only hero from the continent can be summoned. For example, if you choose Greenland, you cannot summon any heroes outside the Greenland. We normally do not waste our sunstone on this summon
  • Fusing (합성) - You can fuse 2 Legendary hero to summon a legendary or unique hero, or you can fuse 2 unique hero to summon another unique hero. From here, you have some chance to get rare heroes. For every 15 legendary hero fusing, you can get 1 ticket to summon rare legendary heroes. For every 5 attempt on unique hero fusing, you can get 1 ticket to summon rare unique heroes. Will discuss about rare heroes later.
  • Limited Summon (창조의 끈) - You can summon up to 500 heroes. For every 2~3 weeks, there are 3~4 rare heroes with Skins you can summon. Each attempt is 700 Zes, and you can summon 10 heroes each attempt. Every summon will be deducted from 500 pools, which means you have better chance of pulling rare heroes as you attempt. If you are lucky, you can summon those rare heroes within 10 attempt... If you have a bad luck, you will have to spend 31000+ Zes (First two are 350 and 490 Zes, and Oozoo gives you 4~6 attempts for free)
Cost of Zes: There are Special Zes package that gives you 4000 Zes for $100. This special package can be purchased 3 times per month. After that, you can buy 2200 Zes for $100.
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