Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba collab with White Cat Project

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba collab with White Cat Project
Famous anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba got a collab with White Cat Project. Global players know it as Colopl Rune Story which got closed in 2016. Anime based on White Cat Project just got released in April.

White Cat Project is an action RPG with Japanese style "one-finger" gameplay. Game developed by Colopl.

btw Reddit group for Japanese server with translation still alive.

Gacha period4/28 ~ 5/15
Event period4/28 ~ 5/29
Collab Website. with information about real prizes. (only to Japanese ofc)
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba collab

Collab videos and character information

・ S1 is a compact range attack & HP absorption & 2 barriers
・ S2 is a move operation attack
・ S3 has a flick derived from S2
・ S3 has a cut-in at the end
・ S1,2 is not buffed All concentrated (Attack / Critical + 50%, Skill Enhancement + 100%, Critical Damage + 20%, HP / SP automatic recovery)
is added.

・ It takes a while for the maximum strengthening
・ Effect decreases every 20 seconds

・ S1 attacks attacking through the enemy & automatically recovers HP / barrier / charge is shortened
・ S1 damages the enemy with abnormal status + 1000%
・ S2's calm develops thought / action speed reduction & extreme adhesion grant
-Nagi during deployment migration to attack in or flick following SP30% (1700% maximum damage UP closer to the enemy)
- Nagi is a state abnormal recovery and attack UP / barrier of allies grant
instant death in · HP5% or more avoidance
- Auto seal / Adhesive / Stun / SP damage invalid

・ Nagi consumes SP every 2 seconds
・ No movement skills
・ Countermeasures only recover

・ S1 is an attack that slips through enemies & SP automatic recovery / 3 barriers
are granted ・ S2 is 6 consecutive hits with cut-in & HP recovery
・ Both skills are asleep physical / attribute + 700%
・ S3, at startup Adds "sleep" and cancels the effect of ineffectiveness
・ Sleep attacks / strengthens critical damage / critical damage & HP / SP automatic recovery, does not receive buff release due to abnormal status / knockdown disabled
・ Stun, sleep, knockdown also S3 automatically activates
and has a barrier when avoiding instant death

- S2 is cool time Yes
Yes cool time when you activate · S3 in any
, sleep is released in the fall
There Auto-fired UP depending on the - remaining HP amount
and movement skills None

・ S1 is a compact forward attack & pursues if there is an enemy
・ S1 absorbs HP and restores resilience /
provides a heel barrier ・ S2 partially attacks DA-disabled area take away the
higher the maximum HP is high · S2 physical damage UP (up to 1000%) and satisfaction damage / heel barrier grant
can - usually receive or melee attacks for the attack and the enemy to Chishirushi state
, 16: 00 ~ next 5 : Up to 59, max combo charge at start of quest & invalid status
/ recovery when avoiding instant death

・ S2 has a cool time of 3 seconds
・ Fire power / durability / operability down from 6:00 to 15:59
・ There is no movement skill

· S1 is HP increases the power as low as an attack (1800% Max)
in · S1 to grant the barrier two / normal attack damage UP, barrier five if the following HP10%
as is low · S2 HP moving operation attack (up to 1,050%) rise of the power
of the weakness weapon resistant down the enemy in · S2, granted to itself the satisfaction damage uP
damaged but not less than HP1 Some · S2
· during the dash is equivalent to that of the S1 Avoidance state
/ Unconditionally invalid state /
barrier for immediate death avoidance

・ You need to maintain your HP at a low level to fight

・ You do not have recovery means yourself

Too bad global server got closed.
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