Epic Seven - Sign-up for gifts, Roana, ML Angelica, Hunt 13 and 90 lvl gears

Epic Seven
Epic Seven still one of the best F2P TRPG mobile games available in market even in 2020. I recently returned and missed some good reward, but 2 free 75 lvl still available for half month.

First let's talk about sign-up rewards.
Epic Seven
In order to get them you must pre-register until 4/15. Only 1 day left.

Pre-register codes will be sent after 4/16.

Missed them? don't worry. 70 free summons much better.
- 70 free summon event will begin on 4/17 (Fri).
- Players will be able to free summon 10 times daily for 7 days during the 70 free summon event.
- The 70 free summon event will be available for 7 days with 10 free summons daily from the day that you login after the event starts.

What about 2 free 75 level sets?
In order to get them you must login for 7 days.
Epic Seven
Event available until 4/30.

And for returning heirs.
Epic Seven rewards
- Returning Heirs are Heirs who have not logged into Epic Seven for 16 days or more.

Roana and Sinful Angelica
New healer heroes. Can't say if they must get or no, btw collab coming soon with probably OP heroes. Not sure about collab date, but it must be may or june.

Future updates
[Update Details]
Hunt 12, 13
Hunt 12 – Stronger bosses with the same gimmicks as Hunt 11
Hunt 13 – Even stronger bosses with new gimmicks 
Equipment Reforging
Introduction of Equipment Reforging UI / UX in the Steel Workshop
Equipment Reforging – Acquisition of Lv. 90 Equipment by reforging +15 enhanced Lv. 85 Equipment
World Arena 
Regular Season
New Function: Mock Battle Added
New Rule: Pre-Ban, Placement, Victory Points Deduction
New Reward: Rewards will be given according to Grades at the end of the season
UI / UX improvements for Hero Management
Functions regarding the growth of Heroes will be available in one window
Hero Stories Added
Past Side Stories related to specific Heroes will be available
Future Updates
New Specialty Change Hero: “Adventurer Ras”
Nixied's Sanctum Area 4 and 5

Epic Seven
Skipped side story? now we can watch story again!
Epic Seven
Most important part of the update. Mats coming from new hunts. Also not all gears can be reforged. Looks like only gears that come from hunts/forge.

Ras (main hero) special change will be available later.

Full information about update available on official website.
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