King of Dragons: Three kingdoms - Reroll Guide

King of Dragons: Three kingdoms - Reroll Guide
King of Dragons: Three kingdoms - TRPG developed and published by Korean company NU Games. Current servers - NA, JP and KR. SEA server coming soon.

Content similar to other TRPG games, graphic look a bit outdated, but some people love it. Currently no reddit or discord groups. Also no information about which hero better.

Reroll Guide
Use guest account at start, in order to reset just reinstall game. Be sure to connect google play or facebook in case you going to keep your account.

Full version
1. Install APK from neoggwp or google play and choose Guest type account at start
King of Dragons: Three kingdoms
2. Choose hero and enter nickname. Nicknames not unique in this game, just keep use name that you prefer.

3. Skip Intro movie.

4. Finish short tutorial and start to roll. First 11 roll - 100% to get 5* hero.
Now check mail, achievements, gift and collect all freebies.
Some of them will be in the bag.
King of Dragons: Three kingdoms
After summoning for 5 times (11 roll count as one, and now you can 4~ roll for start gems)
Open achievements and collect 3-6 Hero Ticket.
King of Dragons: Three kingdoms
5. Don't like heroes that you get? just delete game and install APK again. After you done with rerolling, open setting and connect your guest account with facebook or google play.

I find one nice thread about King of Dragons on Reddit with good advice for new players.

Author - GuildedPin 3 days ago
You can download it at neoggwp if you can't get it on Playstore. I believe it's US based server and feels like a SEA game. If you're from EU you wont see it on Playstore.

Have been playing it since yesterday and it's kind of generic RPG, most of the content has not been released yet. But has enough to keep you entertained. Feels kinda cheap and missing some small QOL features, but you can grind premium currency whilst farming. Stamina is fairly generous and easy to come by. Fairly easy to progress.You'll probably get stuck at the end of chapter5, before you have to start getting your units to 6*3% 5* rates, units go up to 6* from what I can tell, and they can ascend/awaken. You get 1 5* from your first 11 pull, and afterwards a selector ticket for any unit in the game.

EDIT: I highly recommend rerolling for Lady Sun or Lu Xun (Both are water units located at the top of the selector). Rerolling as RixGAF said takes like a minute if you sign in as a guest (skip top right corner). If you get either one then use your selector on the other. Set Lu Xun as leader and build up their Counter Strike and Attack Consecutevely skills with red orbs. As well as unlocking extra % chance with Warlord perks (level 10 and 20) They're both really good for raids/pve/pvp.They make your whole team do double attacks and counter attacks if you get attacked. Anyone else who offers those passives makes the team more OP as the % increases.

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