Tales of Demons and Gods Mobile Game - Chinese Server Pre-Registration

Tales of Demons and Gods Mobile Game

Tales of Demons and Gods - Most people who reading manga (manhua?) can remember this title, famous Chinese novel that been turned in manga opened door to Chinese novels for many young people. Too bad novel never ended.

Tales of Demons and Gods Mobile Game (妖神記-手遊) based on a new TDG manga. Art style very different compared with first manga and I don't like it at all.
Tales of Demons and Gods Mobile Game heroes

Pre-Registration available only for Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Macau. No information about global version atm.

Features (google translated)

1. Each card has a classic resurrection of soul and blood animation. The detailed world view is set. Each character has its own story story, talent soul sea, demon spirit battle, and farewell simple person set. Walk into the life of each character, with talents with skills, event cards, treasures, play the strongest demon spirit on the battlefield, summon God-level demon spirit!
Tales of Demons and Gods Mobile Game pve

2. Super-hot blood fiction animation adaptation
1.5 million words full dubbing plot complete collection! Japan's top music producers, Hitoshi Sakimoto and Basiscape Studio, are the music producers, bringing the ultimate audio-visual feast. The original author of the novel, "The Demon God", is authorized by the author of the novel, and the time and space are reversed and reborn. The former enemy and shame of the past are fighting against this world! 

3. Original "event card" system
original story battle buff event card, ready to launch a reversal battle! The event card is freely combined with the skills of the demon sorcerer. While experiencing the hot blood story, the strategy battles interaction and enhances the battlefield variables! 
Tales of Demons and Gods Mobile Game characters

4.  Demonized awakening!
The first stand-up combat mode, the full role can be awakened demon! Become the strongest demon sorcerer, infuse the soul to awaken the demon spirit for the body, and finally the righteousness hits the instant kill! 

5. Founding Zongmen’s disciples
The beast tide challenge is coming soon! The ultimate stronghold to protect humanity, the creation of Zongmen Cohesion! The original Zongmen card fragment free trade, six professional secrets challenge BUFF bonus, trial land BOSS challenge, call the demon spirit master achievement the strongest guild! 

6. PVP
Genius battle week starts, bronze, silver, gold, black gold, legend, layers of challenges, challenge the peak to become the strongest demon! Full Fair PVP, full role, demon avatar, soul, treasure, event card, with your strategic matching experience, organize the strongest team!
Tales of Demons and Gods Mobile Game pvp

Tales of Demons and Gods Mobile Game pvp mode

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