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Laplace M - SEA Server Pre-Registration

laplace m sea
Laplace M - developed by X Legend Entertainment and SEA server published by ZlongGames. Old PC version still exist, but only JP and TW servers.

ZlongGames famous for Langrisser Mobile game.

Pre-Registration rewards
laplace m sea rewards


Must remind that it's a SEA server and idk if registration work for others. Also I'm not sure what they will do with phone numbers.

Enter - http://laplacem.zlongame.com/hd/201901/register/index.html
Select device, select region, put country code and phone number.
7XXXXX - Russia
laplace m sea registration

laplace m sea reg
No SMS confirmation or anything. I think after game servers will be out we need to register or input numbers somewhere in game.


Official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LaplaceMSEA

Release date still not confirmed.

Btw, in apkpure I've found voting for best icon -
Laplace M

Not sure if ZlongGames somehow connected with neocraft studio or no.

About Neocraft studio -
NEOCRAFT is a game developer and publisher established since 2017. Our mission is to bring great game titles to the global gamers.

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