Langrisser Mobile - Guide List

Langrisser Mobile - Guide List
Langrisser Mobile - Global Server - 22/01/2019. If your country IP blocked, download APK from apkpure/qooapp.

OP Heroes
Always roll for Leon/Liana/Tiaris no matter what, those character can fit every faction, irreplaceable even without faction buff.
Hints to new players

Game play Introduction

Second advancement quiz

Character Spotlights - Tinywhale Edition

Langrisser Guide - McAvoy

More guides will be added later.

Official discord -

Discord channel rules -

General Rules 1. Conduct: Please treat your fellow users respectfully. Harassment is not allowed so do try to keep whatever remarks you may have civil. We are all here to enjoy Langrisser, so let’s keep it as a fun environment. This includes not being a killjoy and being like "Hah, your favorite unit sucks and is useless". Examples of unacceptable behavior; racism – using the color of someone’s skin as a basis for any particular slur, put down, or categorization. Offending people with special needs - Using offensive slurs to describe varying handicaps, using ableism of any kind. Homophobia, Transphobia - Regardless of your opinion on the subject, Langrisser Mobile's stance on the LGBTQIA+ Community is a welcoming one. Please keep this discord free of such comments, on the flipside, please do not blatantly throw your sexuality in chat. This is a discord for gaming, not dating. sexism - using someone’s sex/gender as a basis to slur them or talking in a derogatory way about body parts is not welcome in the general chats. Talking about bodily features in a non toxic way is generally acceptable with this being a Waifu/Husbando game.
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