Final Blade developers SkyPeople new game: Project L

Final Blade developers SkyPeople new game: Project L
Project L (프로젝트 L) new game developed by SkyPeople. Not much information out now except game name. 99% it will be a mobile game.

Update: First live 2D video out

Project L story

In times of great chaos,
you were born in an era of eternal war with massacres and aggression.

The empire with the overwhelming military power,
Small tribal alliance fights with magic, firearms, and nature power.

On whose side will you stand?

Medieval Western and ancient Oriental fusion RPG!
Great epics stretch in the violent confrontation between the East and the West.
Meet the fantasy for adults, made by adults!

SkyPeople at 2018 Tokyo Game Show
final blade schedule
PM too busy with meeting Global Version clients in Tokyo Game show, that's why they never answer on twitter or did anything for global community. 

SkyPeople  Project L
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