Azur Lane - Oath (Marriage) and First Event on Global

Azur Lane - Oath (Marriage) and First Event on Global
Azur Lane 13th September update bring us Oath (Marriage) and First event - Effort, Hope, and Planning. Most of the information taken from best Azur Lane wiki.

Time-Limited Shipbuild:
Azur Lane - First Event on Global
From what I got - limited craft have all ships pull (light + heavy + special) + event ships.

Atago acquired exclusively by shipbuild.
Vampire (SP 2, 3) and Prince of Wales (SP 3) can be acquired by shipbuild and in event maps.

Event maps easy even for a new players.

  • Maps clear and 3★ Rewards (can be different):
MapClear Reward3★ Reward
Universal Bullin
100 Furniture Coins
2500 Gold
2x Random T4
Equipment Boxes
Universal Bullin
Oath (Marriage)
Azur Lane - Oath (Marriage)
When Oath Ring given. Increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 9%. If affection value is 200, increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 12%.

A Oath Ring can be bought from the Premium Item Shop for 600 Gems.
In some special occasion, the Oath Ring will be sold in a pack of Two for only 980 Gems instead of 1200 Gems.
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