Final Blade - November 2017 Update

Final Blade 2nd Season delayed until further notice and in November we can only expect new heroes and small changes.
Final Blade Han Byeol (한별)
First Update will be out on 9th November and second on 23rd or 30th November.
Final Blade - November 2017 Update
1st update

2 New Heroes
1. Han Byeol (한별) you can get her for free from the new event
2. Phrase/Phase(프레이즈)
New event and bug fixes.

2nd update
3 New Heroes. Healer, warrior (idk if it new or second patch) and assassin.
Update to apprentice system.
Changes to raid system and increased chance to encounter "raid" in adventure.
New events.
Pet (goblin) appearance change. (More skins coming?)
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