Final Blade - Developer Notes Number 2

Final Blade developer finally released their plans for new content. Nothing confirmed atm and they still need to do a lot of work on it.
Final Blade - Developer Notes #2
Final Blade been launched on 14th February 2017 in Korea by NCSoft and still alive with active player base despite almost 0 advertisement. Current "Future Content" probably will be added in December.

What's new
1. Guild War changes
Devs went a bit crazy and decide to add more 'strategic' element to Guilds war (the one where you can fight 2 times). Another addition - Donation system, sound cool but devs still not decide how it will work in game. (I think some of them just played in mobile strategy game)
2. More skills effects
But again nothing confirmed and we will not see it until testing finished. (too bad most players play without any effects now)
3. Event Dungeons
To make events more unique, developers finally decided to add event dungeons (just like in almost all games).

Btw current 1+1 cash shop event worth it.
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