Master X Master - New Global CBT + Graphic Changes and Unique Hero

Master X Master - MOBA developed by NCSOFT, very good game but if you have problems with ping it unplayable. Closed Beta servers will be open and available from 10am PDT, April 6 until 6pm PDT, April 27. MxM have both PVE and PVP modes. Master X Master - New Global CBT Closed Beta Test Registration Guide
1. Press here, login with your NCSoft account or create new account.
3. Download game client.

Gameplay (500+ ping or so)
Master X Master Characters Art
Graphics Changes (before/after)
Master X Master - west CBT
Master X Master - west server

New Hero - Statesman

For participating in the Closed Beta you’ll get a “Beta Master” title, and if you log in for any 7 days during the CBT you’ll get an exclusive CBT Taejin skin! All title and skin rewards will become available at Launch.
Master X Master skins
Patch Notes

    1. Jumping costs more stamina. Stamina Cost 20 -> 50. Don’t skip leg day.
    2. Tag invulnerability time has been reduced from 0.25 seconds -> 0.1 seconds
    3. Skills now each have unique skill power coefficients instead of a blanket percentage across the board.
    4. Players can now pre-queue skills during animations or global cooldowns.
    5. Movement speeds during attacking have been slightly rebalanced.
    6. All summons remain through tagging.
    7. Sizuka, Demenos, Innowin, Moro, Poharan, V-Merang, Mondo Zax, Ignuma, and Sonid have had their heat buildup reduced.
    8. Taejin, Sizuka, Demenos, Innowin, Cagnazzo, Moro, Vonak, Jingtai (Dodge Combo), Lorraine, Vita, Poharan, V-Merang, Bumaro, Mondo Zax, Rytlock, R&B, Sonid, Merope, Maia, Nedien, and Lua can now use their survival skill to pass over jumpable walls. Some dash/leap skills can now also do this.
    9. Various Masters have had their stats, damage, skill costs, and cooldowns rebalanced.
    10. Many tooltips have been updated to be more clear and concise.
    11. The following changes are functionality changes, and do not necessarily represent all the numeric tweaks made between the Alpha tests.
      More information about changes you can read on official Master X Master website.
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