Final Blade 파이널 블레이드 - One of the Best Mobile RPG in 2017

Final Blade 파이널 블레이드 developed by Sky People and published by NCSoft. Game Genre - Collectible character game with a beautiful graphic, Final Blade looks like RPG but in battles you can only choose which skills to use first and it didn't matter much.
Final Blade 파이널 블레이드
Korean server already out for more than a month and almost each week we keep getting new content. Its only with new content developers also nerf/fix current game elements and actually make it worse. Nerf rewards that available for all players and buff rewards that available only to top players? sure, GMs love doing it. It's important to have 11$~ VIP otherwise you need to manually collect drop in adventure mode.

1. 20 adventures zones. (12-9 best for farm atm)
2. PVP Arena with 2 game modes - 5 vs 5 and 1 vs 1 (up to 3 characters)
3. Mode similar to The Battle Cats but with only 2 tries per day.
4. In guild mode you can enjoy Guild Boss (9 characters vs 1 boss) and Guild vs Guild (15 vs 15, and you actually can use your guild mates characters).
5. 3 daily dungeons, Raid Boss (5 players, you can get items required to awaken gears), Gold dungeon and dungeon where you can get "spells" and items required to enchant gears.
and many more.

To get high level character you need 2 max enchanted characters, examples -
5* +7 and 5* +7 = 6 star character. Current strongest characters - 1 purple star and to get them you need to have 2 max enchanted 6* characters. To max enchant 6* character you not only need to +8 it but also need to use 5 6* characters to full enchant.

Final Blade
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