Elsword Slash - Side-Scrolling Action RPG

Elsword Slash - Korean CBT start today and Trailer already out. Compared with previous Elsword mobile game, Elsword Slash looks like PC version but with mobile games features.
Elsword Slash - Side-Scrolling Action RPG
To join CBT you must have active Korean mobile number and way to receive SMS. CBT last until end of October.
Edit: English/Global version out - Els: Evolution.
1. Graphic and content very similar to PC version.
2. More than 'costumes' for characters.
3. Real Time PVE party.
4. PVP. (1vs1 for now)
5. Guild related content.

Elsword Online mobile
3 skills, 1 pet (?), jump, ordinary attack, auto button. Pause button only in solo/single PVE maps.
Elsword Slash android
elsword mobile android
Costumes. Elsword PC version earn a lot $$$ by selling them. If i not wrong they also give stats.
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