Upcoming Korean Echo of Soul - Mobile Game or PC Version

Echo of Soul - Korean version will be re-launched in October together with a new class - Paladin and probably new content. Some websites reported that upcoming Korean EoS version will be mobile game, but is it true? let's check!
Echo of Soul - Paladin
Q. Why do they think that Echo of Soul will be mobile game?
A. Because EoS developers (NVius) has been acquired by Mr. Blue company that focus on Manhwa / Webtoons.
Q. What's the source of this information?
A. Unknown.

I checked Korean game news websites (except inven because can't load) and there also no information about any mobile versions. How else can we check? easy, we can just enter game website, press on one of the few buttons that work and we will be redirected straight to the publisher page and with just one click we will know truth.

Evil Trust
Echo of Soul - Mobile Game or PC Version
Now we can be 100% sure that it will be PC version.

Echo of Soul Korean server daum
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