Tree of Savior - First iTOS Event 「Scavenge Challenge」 Coming Soon

First event for International Tree of Savior server finally announced. Too bad there not much difference
between this event and ordinary events in other games.
tree of savior event Scavenge Challenge
First iTOS Event 「Scavenge Challenge
「Scavenge Challenge」 event start from 19th July (after maintenance) and last until 2nd August (until maintenance).
How to Participate in the Event
1. Receive a daily mission from the event notice board located at either Klaipeda or Orsha.
2. Go to the location of the treasure chest after reading the quest details.
3. Obtain contents from the treasure box if you can find it. (The reward will change depending on how many times you have completed the quests.)
The contents of the Special Reward will be revealed on the day it can be received.
tree of savior event rewards
Any items obtained as rewards are not tradable.
The quests may only be received and completed 1 time per day.
You can complete up to 14 quests in total during the event.
You will be able to receive a new quest after EDT 06:00 a.m.
tree of savior Scavenge Challenge
iTree of Savior still alive and have average 10k online in steam.
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