April Fools' Day in Online Games

April Fools' Day is the only day in the year when even obviously fake news may be true. Aura Kingdom, Astral Realm, World of Tanks and more.
April Fools' Day in Online Games
Wargaming launched April Fools' Day in WoT and WoWs, in World of Warships map turned into big Jacuzzi and your ship sails around oversized toys.
World of Warships
World of Tanks April Fools' Day event a way better.
World of Tanks April Fools' Day
Conquer the Moon in the new game mode!
Available until April 11th.

X-Legend Entertainment also prepared April Fools' Day news and I trusted in them until looked at the calendar.
X-Legend Entertainment
Aura Kingdom, Laplace, and Astral Realm.
X-Legend Entertainment  april fool's day
Aura Kingdom has been in operation for 2 years and become very popular in all around the world. That's why X-Legend Entertainment announced 2 upcoming mobile tittles.

Men will love the App "Even the gods have a source of love there is no problem"
aura kingdom app
Women will love the app "I work with a guy from of Eidolon's Fantasy Life"
aura kingdom app
Movie announcement for Astral Realm.
astral realm movie
Laplace - 360-degree Virtual Reality in development.
laplace virtual reality
Aura Kingdom VR mode already launched live-
Aura Kingdom VR mode
Thanks to JollySama.
seven knights voice over
Seven Knights (Global and Asia) published new voice-over. Females voices sound cool and i liked them.

That's all for today.
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