Laplace Saint Guardian - Nymph

Laplace Saint Guardian - [Sen Wizard] Nymph.
Laplace Saint Guardian - Nymph
[Sen Wizard] Nymph - brave and enthusiastic nymph born from the forest elves. After she met our hero she decide to fight together with him against disasters and enemies. Don't mistake nymph with a fairy, they are human size and always females. Nymphs loves nature, forest, water, mountains, trees, etc.

Growth Properties
First Weapon Second Weapon Initial Characteristics
laplace staff
laplace bow
laplace emerald

Growth Properties HP Physical Attack Magic Attack Defense Crit Penetration
Star I C D D+ C D+ D+
Star II B+ D+ C B C C+
Star III A+ C B B+ B B+

Laplace Saint Guardian Nymph avatarNymp skills -
Icon Name Description
laplace nymph
森林吹拂 Return (Restore?) a certain amount of SP.
laplace nymph skill
花冕風暴 Reduce Nature Resistance.
laplace nymph star
森之精靈的祝福 Increases Defense. Increases healed (?) amount.
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