Laplace Advanced Classes

Laplace - New Action MMORPG developed by X-Legend Entertainment. TW server CBT start on 10th March, Hong Kong server coming soon.
Laplace Advanced Classes
In Laplace each class have only basic skills and more skills coming from weapons that you use.
Remember that you can equip any weapon that you want.

Since it impossible (registration require sms confirmation from Taiwanese mobile number) to play on Taiwan server let's wait until Hong Kong server out. Developers told us information about some skills.

Laplace Warrior Advanced Classes
Champion can become Guardian Fighter or Savage Gladiator.
Guardian Fighter skills -
Increased HP recovery and HP maximum and Taunt.
Savage Gladiator skills -
Increase critical rate, aoe skills.
laplace warrior gameplay

Laplace Mage Advanced Classes
Magician can become Arcane Master or Shadow Wizard.
Arcane Master skills -
Black hole.
Shadow Wizard skills -
Can summon (?) minions.
laplace mage gameplay

Laplace Priest Advanced Classes
Crusader can become Holy Templar or Spirit Bishop.
Holy Templar skills -
Spirit Bishop skills -
Team increased SP recovery buff, heal and resistance increase.
laplace priest gameplay

Laplace Scout Advanced Classes
Ranger can become Lighting Assassin (Assassian? wtf) or Swift Hunter.
Lighting Assassin skills -
Temporarily increased dodge and increased attack.
Swift Hunter skills -
Hunter attack skills can stun, burn and control enemy. Hunter can also summon eagle to assist him in battles.
Laplace scout gameplay
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