Figureheads Possible International Server

Figureheads Japanese Open Beta Test just launched few days but developers already have plans for International server.
Figureheads Possible International Serve
After checking game client files (Thanks to Steparu) I found these files in localization folder -
Figureheads International Server
SquareEnix\Figureheads\FusionGame\Localization have both INT (International) and JPN (Japan) Folders.

In SquareEnix\Figureheads\Binaries\Win32\locales you can find 53 files -
Figureheads International Server
Figureheads is a bit slow-paced Mecha MMOTPS but still good game. Right now Japan server have many events and even collaboration event with Xenogears! You can get Mecha and Characters from Xenogears.
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