Laplace - New X-Legend 2.5D MMO

Laplace 拉普拉斯的神子 (Laplace Son of God) - First X-Legend 2.5D MMO that will be out later this year. Game a bit similar to Glory Destiny Online and maybe we'll get 3D mode.
Laplace 拉普拉斯的神子
Just like in Astral Realm developers told us that they want to focus on game story.

Game story -

Stigmata awakening - "Son of God"

Thousands years ago demons attacked our world. Demons were large, brutal and smart. Although people tried to resist, even the Kingdom Knights could not compete with them. People called them - 七大災厄 (Seven Sins?). When the end of the world was near Celestial Spirits come to help Humans and chose the brave men. These brave men were called Saints and they all had the stigmata. Together Humans and Celestial Spirits defeated demons and sealed Seven Sins in artifacts. After thousand years people still believe in Celestial Spirits, until fire falls from the sky.
War is about to begin again.

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Gameplay -

Laplace 拉普拉斯的神子
Classes and Weapons
4 Classes (More classes will be released after Closed Beta Test)
6 Weapons, each weapon have unique skills. That means we can play for Ranger class and use Two-handed Sword. Developers also promise us over 5000 potential combinations.

New features -
1. Each boss drop unique weapon and by wearing this weapon we get access to boss skills.
2. OverKill Lore - players will be 'tortured' by special boss skills.
Laplace 拉普拉斯的神子
Dungeons will have traps.
Laplace 拉普拉斯的神子
Laplace 拉普拉斯的神子Laplace 拉普拉斯的神子 aeria games
Graphic look nice, CCB (Closed Closed Beta, lol) will start in a few months.
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