Astral Realm Japanese Server (Astral Tale) Coming Soon!

Astral Tale - Japanese Astral Realm server been announced yesterday. Right now Astral Realm out in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and soon in Japan!
Astral Tale
What we can expect from Japanese Astral Tale (Astral Realm) server?
+ Exclusive content.
+ Very easy to make account, download and patch game.
- Need to use VPN but with WTFast we can use VPN for free and without any limits.
Astral Realm Japanese Server
Beta Test Sign Up - 10.9 - 11.9 Want to join beta test?
If you already have account -
If you still don't have account -

So, what is Astral Tale? It`s a new X-Legend Anime style MMORPG that been published In 2015. Game been in development for few years and X-Legend company put in it almost all "good things" from previous games. Too bad right now grind system and lack of good content killing it.
Astral Tale Japanese Server
Game Features -
9 Classes, Craft system a bit similar to Eden Eternal, House system, Daily Quests and slow grind.

5 Man Dungeon -

Astral Tale Japan
Want to know Astral Tale story? Visit our wiki.
Astral Realm Wiki relaunch coming soon! Probably around January.
Next Astral Realm server going be in China or Thailand.

Nice looking wallpaper from X-Legend Japan website -
Astral Tale Japan
Full Size -
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