Dragomon Hunter Founder Packs

Hello everyone! Aeria Games announced Dragomon Hunter CBT date - 15 October and like always they start to sell Founder Packs with CBT keys in them and some items. Today we gonna check all packs and decide which pack better.
Dragomon Hunters Founder Packs
To buy founder pack you must visit http://founder.dragomon-hunter.us/ or http://dragomonhunter.aeriagames.com/itemmall/Featured 
Founder's Packs FAQ - http://dragomonhunter.aeriagames.com/foundersfaq
Here you can activate your beta key - http://dragomonhunter.aeriagames.com/authorization/dmhus/dmhus_cbt

Before you buy founder pack be sure to read FAQ.
Dragomon Hunters Founder Packs
Starter Pack (20$) -
20x Fortune Gems (Want to get the best in-game items? No problem! Use your Fortune Gem to play the Falcon's Fortune lottery.)
20x Advanced Gear Evolution Scroll
10-Slot Backpack

Also all packs include -

Early game access (Access to CBT)
Secure your name for OBT
Founder Forum Title
In-Game Founder Title

Into the Wild Collection (50$) -
EXCLUSIVE Founder's Fire Ringoon's Whistle (Mount, +50% speed)
Dragomon Hunters Founder Packs
50x Fortune Gems
100x Ecological Record (Use it to record information on the various mounts on your ranch for incredible rewards!)
Training Orb (Gain experience points even when standing still with this useful orb.)
Bluebird's Blessing (7-Day, exp and gold bonus)
Petite Pony (3-Day), Chubby Sheep (3-Day), War Lion (3-Day).

Royal Apparel Set (50$) -
EXCLUSIVE Founder's Royal Attire (F/M, +2% exp and +1% to all stats)
Dragomon Hunters Founder Packs
Dragomon Hunters Founder Packs
50x Fortune Gems
15-Slot Backpack
10x Lucky Badge (Drop Rate Booster)
5x Loot Charm III

Dynamic duo pack (50$) -
EXCLUSIVE Founder's Spirited Pandora (Companion, +2% to all stats)
Dragomon Hunters Founder Packs
50x Fortune Gems
60x Awakening Guide of Spirited Pandora (You need them to Level Pandora)
10x 3-Star Evolution Gem (Something for craft)
Rare Enchantment - Weapon: ATK
Rare Enchantment - Chest: DEF
Rare Enchantment - Chest: HP

The Ultimate Hunter's Pack (300$) -
All previous packs (Starter, Into the wild, Royal and Fortune duo)
EXCLUSIVE Founder's Golden Sharkicane's Reins (Mount, +50% speed)
Dragomon Hunters Founder Packs
EXCLUSIVE Founder's Classy Fen Croaker's Reins
Dragomon Hunters Founder Packs
Evolution Gems Pack
Character Slot Expansion
Chest Gear and Crafting Pack (orange)
Weapon Gear Crafting Pack (orange)

All Founder's Packs Tradeable.
Dragomon Hunters Founder Packs

So, which founder pack best?
Dynamic duo pack give us Pandora. Pandora looks like strong companion that give us some stats (+2%). Too bad she can only use magic.
Royal Apparel Set give us free costume that give +1% to all stats and +2% to exp.

If you can afford and plan to buy founder pack chose Dynamic duo pack.
If you just want to secure your nickname chose Starter Pack.
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