Seven Knights - Hydra Raid and Purple Gears

New Seven Knights (세븐나이츠) Update bring us Hydra Raid, Purple gears and few new costumes.
seven knights hydra raid
Hydra Raid
In new Raid you fight against three-headed sea monster. Each season monster going have different buffs/debuffs.
Seven Knights hydra raid
You can fight him 3 times per day. Currently we don't know what kind of rewards we can get.
Purple gears.
Together with new Raid developers decide to change gears system a little. With new purple weapon and armor you can become a lot more stronger since they give 50% more attack/defense stats. Also HP armor now give x3 more HP compared to old armor.

How can I get purple gears in Seven Knights?
For that you must make 6 star gear and enhance it to +5.
Seven Knights purple gears
Seven Knights purple gears
After that you can evolve current weapon (1.2m gold) or roll random purple gear (300k gold).
Seven Knights purple gears
Seven Knights purple gears
You can say that with this game become another P2W but it not. If you get fail 6 star gear just upgrade it to purple and you have a chance to get better gear.

New Costumes
3 characters get new limited costumes!

Seven Knights Alice
Seven Knights Bidam
Developers also fixed freeze bug and extended bonus (chance you can get them from gatcha/merge) rate for 3 emperors.
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