Want to know Japanese and Korean MMORPG Ranking? Check my Guide!
Asian MMO Ranking - Japanese and Korean MMORPG Ranking
Hint - Use Google Translate or Chrome Browser on Asian websites.

Korean MMORPG Ranking
Korea have 2 popular sites with online games ranking -
1. Gamenote.com (I prefer to check weekly TOP to see if new games popular or failed hard)
Asian MMO Ranking
2. Gamemeca.com (Only old MMORPG rankings with 1-2 new games)
Asian MMO Ranking
Japanese MMORPG Ranking
For Japanese Online Games Rankings I use only mmoinfo.com
Asian MMO Ranking
With this sites you can always know what online games popular right now in Asia.

If you want to know when new asian games going be out then check my MMO calendar.

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