Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

You all heard or even play in famous Korean game Kritika online, it hack&slash mmo game.  Sadly we probably never going see English game servers but we can play on English in android version of this game! servers released few days ago so you still have chance to become #1!
Kritika: Chaos Unleashed
Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is a beautiful hack&slash game on android, game can little freeze or even close  if you play on old device (i don`t been have disconnects but experienced small lags when playing on my phone - Red Rice) Game also work perfectly on Bluestack but its a little hard to play since you must move and attack and you can use only your mouse.
Game have many characters but currently we can play only for two - The Berserker and The Cat Acrobat. Both look fine and interesting.

Cash shop - we all know that developers must earn money but here *avatar* gears give stats =\ Also you need them to have bigger % (or 100%? at least on +2 it still say pay karat to 100% enchant item) to enchant item.
Game have 3 mode.
1. PVE mode aka story one.
2. Monster wave - you earn gold in it.
3. Arena - pvp arena but i still not open it.
Characters  also have skills but you can use only 4 + EX + basic attack.

Android Version - Link
iOS Version - Link
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