Fairy Tail: Brave Saga

Game only on Japanese language now and you need use proxy to download apk. Google translated info about game below. It ordinary puzzle like game.
Fairy Tail: Brave Saga
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Fairy Tail: Brave Saga
Fairy Tail: Brave Saga
New RPG Battle of Fairy Tail appeared!
Movement and lively, their characters of Fairy Tail cry, fight, high tension Anime Battle immersive!
To collect the character that has been deformed cute, and trying to grow while to clear the quest to create a team of your own!

[Game introduction]
exhilarating puzzle battle of handy operation
Carry out the attack by Erasing traced the Lacrima of the same type, battle occurring in the quest, exhilarating puzzle anyone play easily.
It is possible that the attack force is up be erased by connecting more Lacrima, magic flashy explodes, gauge of magic attack is charged by erasing a large Lacrima addition, to trigger the powerful magic!

strongest team formed in a favorite character
Starting with Lucy and Natsu, fellow Fairy tail number appeared!
Combination freely! Let formed the strongest team in your own favorite character.
You can GET a summons or quest character!

character of all shout! High tension battle
The recorded voice by gorgeous voice actor the same as the anime!
Summer (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)
-Lucy (CV: Aya Hirano)
Happy (CV: Rie Kugimiya)
Gray (CV: Nakamura Yuichi)
- Elsa (CV: Sayaka Ohara)
Wendy (CV: Satomi Sato)
Charles (CV: Yui Horie)
Other characters who of more than 40 A total appearance! !
It will be added in the future updates!

original story of the only Brave Saga
Outbreak of the Balkan! ? (Request) occurs a black shadow various quests to be behind the scenes!
Let’s challenge to the quest along with fellow Fairy Tail!

growth in the quest! Rare utility limit topped up!
Enhancements in character to each other, of course, character growth by clearing the quest!
Let’s strong character to challenge the quest more and more.
It becomes even stronger rarity is up by character to Reborn!
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