Project HON - mix between Armored Core and Online Mecha Shooter Games

Project HON Trailer just been released (and then they forced to delete him, now we need to wait until G-STAR 2014 start to see him). After watching Project HON Trailer I remember Armored Core and Hawken, ordinary humanoid like robots, some of them have transformation ability that probably give them full defense/attack mode. All of this we already been see in Hawken. What can we expect from Project HON? Good graphic? Hawken also have nice one but still not popular. Huge sized arenas with something like 50vs50 PVP just like in Gundams Online? I don`t think so.
Project HON - mix between Armored Core
I expect to see tons PVE related content and middle sized arenas (like 10vs10 or 20vsv20), G-Star 2014 going start soon, check my site when it starts to read detailed review about Project HON.
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