Almost one year ago Aeria Games announced founder packs for Aura Kingdom.
aeria games scammers
+ Supply Pack for 20$. Players who bough Diamond Pack not only pay for game items but also for physical items. Plushie toy and Playing Cards.
aeria games founder pack europe

But our lovely Aeria Games decide to call them - “Free Bonus”.
aeria games founder pack

At first GMs told players that you if live oversea you must use 3rd party company that located in USA and can resend parcel to you BUT later they make this FAQ and told us that European Union residents can also get this items without any problems.
aeria games aura kingdom

And guess what we get now? Picture from this topic. I am not going be surprised if it get deleted soon.
aura kingdom founder pack europe

You can send almost everything from USA to Europe but can`t send Plushie toys? and like it written they just going to send compensation package. Some people going complain to me that many giveaways in USA not send to Europeans. You know why they not send? because sending parcel to other country and especially to continent cost money.

Aeria can always send this items like a gifts and it going be allowed into Europe without any problem but they decided not to do that and just give us some virtual items.

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