Dragomon Hunter - registration guide for Hong Kong server
Dragomon Hunter - registration guide for Hong Kong server
Registration - https://www.alta.hk/client/unit/quickreg/
When you enter login/password in game be sure to do it in lowercase otherwise it not going work. 
After login for first time you need to input your secondary password. Put 111111 111111.
Dragomon Hunter
Dragomon Hunter hong kong
After that just press on Dragomon Hunter game icon.
dragomon hunter hong kong

Old guide -
After that you do that login on site.
Dragomon Hunter hk
Chose game and you going see that -
Dragomon Hunter asia
Press on that button.
Dragomon Hunter
Select game.
Dragomon Hunter hong kong registration
or press https://apps.facebook.com/dsactivate here. You get 2 codes, sometimes only one work. (they can not accept empty facebook account so if you get error in that part try to add more friends)

You must enter code here
Dragomon Hunter HK registration
Be sure to check right game.

Download client here - http://www.mmorpg.news/2014/08/dragon-slayer-hong-kong-client-and.html

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