Grand Chase Mobile Global - Newbie Guide
Grand Chase Mobile Global (GrandChase PH) v1 Newbie Guide. I'l try to update this guide with more information later.

Expand slots in Skill Research tab and later expand slots in expedition.
After all slots expanded try your luck in gacha.

Best Units

Players Experience from KR version -

SR Rank Tier

Elesis - very good support character
Lire - very good attack speed character
Lass - good synergy with lire and is very good in pvp.
Ryan - great tank
Ronan - only great for defending in pvp
Amy - great healer
Jin - great tank and has heal + fire ball very good
Sieghart no opinon
Mari - never tried her
Arme - so-so.
Dio just got released
Ley made arme look like a joke (very useful can replace rasel because she does the same job anyways)
Rufus - good
Lime is bad in pve only good for defending like ronan

S Rare Tier

Sword - Olivia, Hanout.
Healer - Sage, Sachi.
Mage - Rasel, Berry.
Archer - Bergamot, Sofia.
Shield - Poseidon, Dr.Molly, Captain Boar.

Other SR Rank version (NEW)
List will be from top priority to lower :
SS (or SR)
+ Lass : High burst dmg + Low cooldown + Less SP cost + Good debuff ultimate + Useful in all content (Lass is basically a must to get even in KR server atm)
=> Red set for tier 5-7 . But later change to Orange set for tier 8-10 (Raid world 2 or higher)
+ Ryan : Tanky + Self Heal + Transfer dmg taken from teammates to himself + Self revive + (Ryan is a PvE tank god until Jin comes) // Downside : He is easy to counter in PvP with Cleo
=> Blue set to make him even tankier
+ Mari : Great mob clearing + Robot can tank (Better than Ras El but is outshined by Ley later on) // Downside : She is only great on clearing mobs . Her auto atk is pretty mediocre against single target boss like those in D.Beast
=> Green set to make her clear mobs even faster
+ Ronan : Tanky + Has good buff + Invincible (Great for PvP Defense or against Burst type of boss like one boss in D.Crack) // Downside : Long cooldown on skills . Less effective than Ryan in PvE)
=> Blue set for tankiness
+Sieg : Tanky + Annoying debuff + Annoying CC (Great for PvP Defense) // Downside : Not good in PvE . Better not use him in PvE at all . Elesis will be your buffer Assault later on
=> Blue set for tankiness
+Arme : Great burst + AoE slow (Great for DPS quest or when you need to burst dmg) // Downside : Too long CD + Cost too much SP on meteor + Auto attack has too long animation . Better pick Mari than Arme
=> Red set for more crit chance + Maximize every 50s . But later change to Orange set for even more crit chance and skill dmg
+Olivia : OP Passive + OP Ultimate // Downside : Skill 2 has less chance to increase the star pattern . Low skill dmg . No gathering skill
=> Green set for more AS = Faster passive
+Bergamot : Great mob clearing thanks to passive (Still the best Archer for S rank till now on KR) // Downside : Less single-target focus
=> Green set for more AS
+Sage : Healing burst + SP regen buff that surpasses even Amy who is SS(SR) + SP regen from passive (Best PvE healer for S rank . More SP means more skill spam and faster mana gaining to use ultimate) // Downside : skill 2 isnt dat useful
=> Green set for more SP regen from passive
+Ras El : Great mob clearing thanks to passive + Summoning can somewhat tank (Still the best S Mage if you dont have Mari) // Downside : Same as Mari , has mediocre dmg against single target
=> Green set for faster mob clearing
+Bohr : Silence that also push enemies + Buff ally + 30% DR passive (Great on PvP even till now on KR) // Downside : No gather skill
=> Blue set for tankiness and less CDR
Cleo : Great great 1SP Dispel skill that remove enemy's buff and permanently prevent enemies from taking buff until they walk out of effect's area or enemies breaking the staff
=> Blue set so she wont die too fast from enemy's attack
+Charon : Great single target DPS (Best auto attack single target DPS for S rank . Great on D.Beast) // Downside : Not that great to fight against huge wave of mobs
=> Green set for more AS
+Hanout : Annoying AoE slow + Annoying AoE stun (Good for PvP Defense) // Downside : Just good for PvP Defense only
=> Blue set for tankiness
+Sachi : Good in PvP defense thanks to Cleanse and Revive on passive // Downside : No SP regen buff at all . Good ultimate but it doesnt reduce skill SP cost so its not that useful
=> Red set for crit healing or Blue set to make her harder to be killed in PvP"

Because game very generous with 5 stars +9 S Tier units you can try different characters and compare them with in-game statistic.
Grand Chase Mobile Global - Newbie Guide statistic
What to do with gems

Gacha rates for SR very low and many people suggest first to expand slots in Skill Research tab and later expand slots in expedition.

You can get SR character by 30 days daily login, events and golden medals.

What to do with low lvl Heroes

By selling heroes you can get prestige which required to lvl up heroes and get traits.
Grand Chase Mobile Global levels
Grand Chase Mobile Global traits

Hero Fusion

You can fuse 2 S Heroes for a slim chance to get SR Hero. Even if you fail to get SR, 6 stars S heroes required for awakening.
Grand Chase Mobile Global - hero fusion

In order to awake you need 2 same 6 star +12 heroes or 1 6 star +12 hero and fairy. Max awakening - 6. In order to max awake Olivia I need six 6 star +12 Olivia. 


Except ordinary rewards you have a chance to get chests.
Grand Chase Mobile Global platinum chest

Grand Chase Mobile Global - gold chest
Guild Gems Exchange

After each exchange (6 times per day!) you will get -
Grand Chase Mobile Global guild gems exchange
You can buy SR Hero for gold medals.

Raid Gears

Before buying gears you must choose which sets better for you and focus on him. 
Grand Chase Mobile Global raid gears
After your set piece get upgraded to +9 you can buy special item for 100 raid coins and 1m gold in order to get advanced set piece. 

Guild War 

Guild wars in Grand Chase very easy and not time consuming with rich rewards. In order to participate in guild wars you must be in very active guild with at least 25 members in it.
After guild wars starts press guild war button and press on >
Guild War

Guild War 1

Guild War 2
Now select enemy without stars and try to win. Enemy with full stars = defeated enemy.

More information tomorrow! 

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