Project Three Kingdoms, Gameplay Android ARPG, Dynasty Warriors Mobile??

Project Three Kingdoms is a 3D Next-Gen Hack & Slash ARPG game based on the story "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Great graphics and gameplay are similar to Dynasty Warriors. Mobile gaming brings limitations - game lower graphics settings if your processor (860 in my case) can't run at a stable frame rate. 

Project Three Kingdoms APK
Right now the game is in a CBT (with wipe after CBT) phase and available only in PH and ID.
but we can download APK and play

You can recruit legendary heroes and become the God of War, crush thousands of enemies on the battlefield all by yourself!

▶Break through the Limit◀
Designed with Next-Gen technology, gives you the best experience on your phone!
Ultra-high quality 3D models and special effects bring you a stunning visual experience that you never had before!

▶Great Battlefield◀
Rebuild a broad ancient battlefield, accommodate hundreds of soldiers on the same screen. You can slaughter thousands of enemies in a single stage. This will be the most exciting game you've ever played. One vs thousands! You’re unstoppable!

▶Real-Time PVP◀
Various different PVP modes, 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 and 50v50, each of them will make you thrilled!
Only skill matters! Every hero has been adjusted to make sure that you can have a fair fight. Everyone stands on the same line, do you have the power and the courage to strive for the throne?

▶Family Comes First◀
There are many different social gameplays, you will never have to fight alone. Create deep bonds with others and build up your guild. You will win together and lose together, as a family! Now fight for the same goal with your brotherhood!

▶Immersive Experience of Story◀
In addition to exciting gameplay, we managed tons of real-time rendering CGs which are more than 20 hours to make sure that you’re not only a player, but also a part of the Epic Three Kingdoms. You can stand beside those legendary heroes and create your own legend!


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