Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-TASY - Tier List, Reroll, Guide and Tips

Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-TASY guide
Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-TASY is an official mobile game of the popular anime series Seven Mortal Sins. Players can enjoy the plot from the anime, high-quality art, gameplay similar to Seven Knights.

Because of a different game name translation we actually still not decide how to call it.
Anime called - Seven Mortal Sins, Nanatsu no Bitoku.
Mobile Game - Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-TASY, Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai X-TASY or sin 七つの大罪 X-TASY.

Servers - Chinese server out last year and I missed it, yesterday Japanese server got released and everyone playing in the JP version. DMM/Fanza with 'more open' art will be out soon.
No information about the Global version atm.

Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-TASY APK -
published by USERJOY, system requirements at least 3GB Ram. But maybe work on some 2GB ram devices? idk. It's not working on my old 2GB ram smartphone.


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Tier List

Based on a Chinese version.
Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-TASY tier list
Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-TASY tier list 2
Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-TASY tier list 3
Another Guide with a full description
Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-TASY tier list 4
Chinese users already created very good tips for all characters, let's check them. From left to right.'
Red - Lucifer, Karin, Fleuka and others. Blue - Mai Sia Sisters, Asmode, Stellas and others. Green - Belfinger and Holy Lotus and others. Some names can be different, lol.
Translated by google translate. 

Red heroes recommendation:

Lucifer: High panel and high magnification, the AOE clearing ability of the push map climbing arena is first-rate. Due to the lack of armor or passive damage increase, the output of the guild battle against the single boss is equivalent to other occasions. It will be a little less brilliant

Karin: The strongest single milk at present, comes with two quality skills, will also resurrect and dispel, the skill CD is short, suitable for all situations. And because it is 4 stars, it is very good to upgrade the skills, it is highly recommended to train

Wheel Aura: Has the only skill in the game that increases damage based on the percentage of target HP, and the upper limit of PvE is extremely high. Anyone who has played Demon LIKE knows everything

Longyuan (Dragon Girl): The initial speed is very good, relying on passive and 2 skills to pull the strip to teammates and 1 ability and passive to pull the strip-CD to get a very general appearance rate. There is no shortage of self-output, and the skill improvement effect is remarkable. (Can feed books first)

Anastasia: The only double-sundered character in the game, with self-stretching, restraining damage and bloodsucking, and continuously exploding. Since the skill mechanism needs to be warmed up, it is not suitable for Tutu and JJC. It is not recommended to practice in the early stage.

Blue hero recommendation:

Gemini buys Sisters of Sia: The strongest support at the moment, are there two games. The group rebirth in the opening of the pull-out attack, and the group resurrection, the disadvantage is that the preparation time for the resurrection of the big move is too long

White Hair (Wind Star, Tachi) Stellas: The blue card outputs the handle, the only designated blue C, comes with sunder and stack attacks, needs to warm up the machine, and critical strikes to increase the damage. Since there is no other blue C, so you must practice if you draw

Huang Mao (Electric Girl, Bulb) Evelyn: Supporting the team with high probability-CD, suitable for all long-term battles. With the only game group acceleration skill, as well as the low-cooling skills, it performs very well in all aspects.

Dean Noah: All his skills can stack critical strikes, which can increase the team's critical strikes by 25% and save the c panel. It can also do C by itself, with multiple damage enhancements, but due to the lower panel, it is still recommended as an auxiliary hero.

Green hero recommendation:

Sloth Belfinger: All skills have a higher defense increase and damage, and a high amount of damage is taken by the defense and counter-injury. The second skill and the ultimate move have shields, and the third level ultimate has the only overall dispelling in the game. Both basic attack and passive defense can be superimposed on defense, the strongest and most comprehensive green card at present. I actually feel laziness is more irreplaceable than Lucifer

Saint Lotus the Fox: Currently the only invincible card in the game, the ultimate upgrade is greatly improved, and one of the most worthy characters. It is also a paralysis countermeasure card, which can dispel paralysis. The attack panel is high, the ultimate and the 2 skills are both high-damage AOE, which is a relatively strong group damage character. Passively has negative damage reduction, opening dispersal and death push bar, strong comprehensive ability (most popular hero in JP version)

Lianhuaxia Lima: PvP card, one of the most disgusting skills with the opening plus CD. 2 Skills can be group + CD, and big moves can be group push and attack reduction. It’s a very disgusting card on defense, so offensive

Fire fist (wood fist, female fist) Mary Lu: Provocation tool person, all skills have provocation, basic attack with reduced attack. The attack panel is 2000, the skill multiplier is good, the CD is relatively short, but there is no passive damage increase, and the speed is slow and easy to stop. As a subordinate substitute for laziness, you can try to practice. It’s also worth mentioning that there is a passive and opening taunt skill, maybe JJC is okay.

It's google translated advice. Anyway just follow tier lists.


In the first 'infinity' gacha pull try to get SS tier character from the tier list. 
You can get only one 5 star hero from such pull.

After collecting all freebies, try to roll gacha multi pull (10) for gems. If not successful you can reroll or continue to play since it's a casual game. 

Some staged limited, try to lvl up or finish other activities to unlock them.

There's no Reddit or discord group atm, for now, you can use our website Reddit fan group -

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