Farlight 84 - Battle Royale Mobile Game Released, APK

Farlight 84 - Battle Royale Mobile Game
Farlight 84 - Open Beta Test just been released today in several countries. It's a Battle Royale style game with a beautiful graphic and smooth gameplay that works fine (except Ultra) even on 200 USD devices. 


As technology advanced, people linked their brains with a centralized network. An underlying danger loomed. In 2081, an unknown virus swept across the world and turned those who connected their brain to the centralized network into Zomborgs, or zombie cyborgs. The survivors, led by the cartoon character Noya, settled down on mysterious offshore platforms called Isle Cities.

After Isle Cities appeared, the mysterious Noya hosted a Bounty Hunting Competition. People say the competition is derived from the rigorous training the Nova Group gave to its employees, only it’s bloodier and more cruel. Participants are hunters and targets at the same time, and only the sliest and the most determined can survive.


Farlight 84 APK Download

Available in the video description. I can't post it here for a certain reason. (it didn't belong to me, lol.)

This time OBT really means test and not a full release - Players from Australia, Brazil, France, India, Indonesia, and Russia can take part in this open beta testing by searching “Farlight 84” via Google Play Store and downloading the game.

Just download APK and you can play without any restrictions.


Farlight 84 - Battle Royale
- 8 available Characters.

- Hunt, or Be Hunted? Beyond Battle Royale
Tired of battle royale games where only the last one standing wins the match? Say hello to new gameplay, new rules, and new PvP experience. In HUNT, participants are airdropped in a wasteland where they have to hunt down their targets while avoiding being hunted down themselves. Who will be the hunter, and who will be the prey?

- Original HUNT Mode
Each participant carries a Numtag with a GPS chip built into it. Hunters can track down their target using the Numtag by keeping an eye on the map.

- Become the Alpha of the Pack
Kill the designated target, collect their Numtag, and get triple the points. The best bounty hunters go for the most valuable prey!

- Fast-Paced Matches
Get out while you can or keep hunting? Evacuation sites gradually open one by one as the game progresses. Collect 6 points and you’ll be able to evacuate! You don’t have to be the last one standing, and the last one standing might not be the winner. Victory only belongs to the most cunning hunter!

- Spectacular Vehicles
Four-legged? Hovering? Turreted? War SUV? Super racecar? We have everything! The speed and firepower war vehicles bring create more possibilities on the battlefield.

- Four Weapon Manufacturers
The Big Four manufacturers Prism Technology, 9A Corporation, Murphy Security, and Wasteland Spirit supply survivors with a myriad of spectacular weapons. Each weapon has a unique skill, so say goodbye to conventional gunfights and say hello to mind-blowing tactics!

- Fight in the Sky
Soar up high, swerve in mid-air, and open fire! Jetpacks bring you a wicked and never-seen-before shooting experience! Propel forward or upward in the thick of battle to dodge those projectiles in style! By the way, don’t forget to charge your Jetpack with Energy!

- Hunters Unite
Team up with Rob the Duckseid, Maggie the Pizza Delivery Girl, and Dominic the Security Guard! Muster, rally, and hunt!
Farlight 84 - Battle Royale Mobile Game Released, APK
Pre-Registration is still available on the Farlight 84 official website.

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