Epic Seven - New Hero Choux, Episode 3 Information, Cleave Teams Dead?!

Epic Seven - New Hero Choux, Episode 3 Information
Epic Seven celebrates 2nd year anniversary on August 30th, let's hope we will get something good from SmileGate. More information about the anniversary event will be out next week.

New Hero Choux

An adorable girl who wishes to become Suin. (SmileGate, stop.)
Players can meet Choux starting from August 27.

Choux is a good bruiser, I'll wait until someone tests her on youtube before summoning.

Skills information
Choux stats
Choux skills
2nd skill reduces enemy defense by 30% +20% if focus full.

3rd skill makes our hero act like support by Increasing critical Hit Resistance to all party members.
Choux artifact

Episode 3

3rd episode brings us to Eureka. It's a home continent to our dragons Luna, Yufine, and knights like Cecilia.
Orbis map
Eureka on the Orbis map.
Epic Seven Episode 3
epic7 ep3
I expect a story about saving dragons, but who knows what in the devs heads.

Queen Francesca
Queen Francesca
Luna event story that told us about Eureka https://pastebin.com/gLyKjGmf

Queen Francesca or Ragnar killed dragons that have been allied with humans against Straze (main villain in Ep 2), after that Luna killed Queen Francesca.

"I had to avenge my mother by tearing that detestable queen to shreds."

Scene 13
"After biding my time, I was able to kill the queen in secret without being seen."

Cleave Teams Dead?!

New Artifact - Crown of Glory
- A Knight exclusive Artifact, Crown of Glory, will be added.
Crown of Glory
Crown of Glory good for RTA and defense, teams that get affected by it -
JKise + Aux Lot (can be fixed by adding 1 more Tagehel)
Basar + Tywin

and Tywin banner up. It's still recommended to get him.

New World Arena mode 

No Duplicate Classes mode.
No Duplicate Classes mode
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