Blue Archive - New Waifu Mobile Game from Yostar

Blue Archive - New Waifu Mobile Game from Yostar
Blue Archive - Chibi style mobile game previously known as a Project MX, developed by Korean company NAT studio and published in Japan by Yostar.

Yostar - a Chinese company that become famous for Azur Lane and Arknights. I'm also sure Yostar participated in developing Blue Archive because of the gameplay and UI is a bit similar to previous Yostar games + Girls Frontline.
Blue Archive chibi waifu
Blue Archive Japan server just recently started CBT, so we can expect some changes before the game will be released. No information about the global version, but I'm sure it will be in 2020.


Looks like we got another auto chibi mobile game.
Blue Archive gameplay
 Select enemy
Blue Archive  Waifu Mobile Game
Gameplay mostly auto
Blue Archive dorm
Dorm system.

Music in Blue Archive is also good. Look's like devs want it to be a casual game that you can play on your way to work/school. I've failed to find system requirements, but some users told me it's needs at least android 8 and a good processor.
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