Epic Seven x Guilty Gear Collab Re-Run + 1 New Hero, Wendy's in E7?!

Epic Seven x Guilty Gear Collab
Epic Seven x Guilty Gear collab re-run coming next week. Last year hero Sol been free and very OP, try to get him if you missed him.

The popular Heroes, Sol, Dizzy, and Baiken have returned to Orbis with a story to tell!

[Special Side Story – Visitors from Another World Adjustment Details]
-To reflect the opinions of our Heirs, we have reduced the duration of the Special Side Story from four weeks to three weeks.
-Players can obtain the Artifact, Portrait of the Saviors, from challenge content in this Special Side Story.

Very OP artifact, be sure to get him maxed. Also last year collab information.
Playable heroes - Sol (free last year), Baiken, Dizzy, and new hero Elphelt Valentine. I-no not playable.

[Epic Seven x Guilty Gear Collaboration Check-In Event!]
-Schedule: 4/30 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 5/28 (Thu) before the maintenance
-Details: You can receive check-in rewards for seven days when you log into the game during the event period.
-Check-In Rewards
Epic Seven x Guilty Gear Collab rewards

New Visitor, Elphelt Valentine
Elphelt has come to visit the world of Orbis! Players can meet her in this Epic Seven x Guilty Gear Collaboration!
Elphelt Valentine epic seven e7
Epic Seven Wendy's collab
Picture from Japanese live stream. Probably some gears with wendy's theme or packs.

E7 JP Live Stream
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