Japanese Idol Suicide, Unfair Employment Contracts

Japanese Idol Suicide, Unfair Employment Contracts
With this post I want to remind everyone - Always check documents/job contract before signing them. Even if you went in top bank you still can be scammed by employers.

Before singing job contract you must know - fine that you need to pay. I know that it sound weird but some job contracts have them. Failed to sell certain number of items? pay fine. Want to break a contract? pay fine.

Except fine you also must know where you will be work, is it same building where you sign contract or even a different city.

Your job responsibilities, never do for free other people work.

Holidays, hours of work, and NDA.
In some work places number of holidays limited. Don't work too much, it bad for health. From 9 - 5 or 6 fine, 12h a bit too much and can be harmful. NDA - non-disclosure agreement or any similar agreements, some people can accidentally break them and be arrested or pay fine for it. Never try to joke with it even if you work in small company.

Japanese Idol Suicide
Poor girl suicide because she was forced to work 12hours daily (idk but maybe it include hours where they teach them how to work, in her case it how to sing and dance). When she wanted to break contract with them they told her to pay fine. 100m yen fine. You can read more here.
I think they also physically threatening her but can't find this info anymore.

Webnovels - Qidian contract terms

 Unfair Employment Contracts

They can be different now, but let's check terms from this post

1. First 200k words are free

2. When you sign, they have the licensing rights to your novel so they can sell it anywhere.

3. If you earn under $200, they do not have to pay you.

4. If you earn over $200, they can delay any payment for up to 3 months.

5. While under contract, if they ask you to do a book signing in China/Ph etc, then you must attend at your own expense.

6. While contracted, they can tell you "suggestions" on how to make your story better for the readers (They tell you what to write).

7. While contracted, they can hire someone else to write instead of you.

8. If you can not comply with their "suggestions" they have the right to terminate your contract.

9. If terminated, you must pay back ALL the money you've earned while under contract + any damage they foresee to charge you with.

10. If terminated, they will try to get the copyright of your novel so they can sell it anywhere with 100% profit.

11. All sales/ss/ad revenue will be split 50/50 with you and Webnovel.

12. They have other charges too, so you'll really end up with about 30% of the profit, then if you've got editor/artist that you've got to pay, will become much less.

13. All ss revenue will be for paying ss only, any free will not generate any money for you.

5, 8, 9, 10. Basically they can steal your work and you need to pay them back everything you earn.
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