Destiny Child - Ragna Break Season 11: Vanishing Twin

Destiny Child - Ragna Break Season 11: Vanishing Twin
Patch Notes translated in Destiny Child for Kakao International. Join and support them. 

1) Ragna Break Season 11 : Vanishing Twin
- Ragna Break Season 11 will be until November 08
- You must be Level 15 to participate
- After the event period, you can exchange remaining Ragna Coins at a 1:1 ratio for gold.
* If you do not within a reasonable period, than they will disappear.

2) Ragna Raid
- Ragna Raid can be found at the end of battle in World Map or Ragna Dungeon
* The chance for discovering raid is greater when more stamina is consumed.
- You have a chance to receive Raid Boxes when a raid is cleared.
- Raid Box level and rewards are as follow
Level 01-20 - Bronze Box - 3* Dark Child, 3* Equipment, Ragna Coin
Level 21-30 - Silver Box - 3-4* Dark Child, 3-4* Equipment, Ragna Coin
Level 31-39 - Gold Box - 4* Dark Child, 4* Equipment, Ragna Coin
Level 40 - Platinum Box - 4-5* Dark Child, 4-5* Equipment, Ragna Coin, 5* Altered Davi, 5* Aurora Slime, Blood Gem, Altered Dabi Hot Spring Skin, Altered Dabi Costume (Black Tears Dabi)

3) Ragna Rank
- Ragna Raid Level 40 battles are changed based on Rank Points.
* Rank Points is the sum of damage and the time remaining at the end of battle.
* For Damage, 1 point per damage, and 40k points for every second remaining.
- Rank Points are not cumulative.
* In case of tie, the first registered user is ranked.

4) Raid Shop
- Raid Level Reset Item are not gone. Instead you can use Ragna Coins to purchase Purple Lanterns (Dark, 3 times a day)

5) Slayers Raid
- Slayers Raid will start the 2nd week of Ragna Break
- What is a Slayer? Slayers are users who have defeated their own Level 40 Raid Boss. Doesn't matter if YOU defeat it, but it must be one that you discovered and participated in.
* Aurora Slime King does not count towards defeating your own Level 40 Raid Boss.
- For Slayers Raid, Platinum Boxes will be rewarded regardless of raid level.

6) Ragna Break Season 11 Child Information
- The Following child has been added for Ragna Break
5* Altered Dabi

5* Altered Dabi
Dark Element
Support Type

Auto Skill : Attack for 96 Damage
Tap Skill : Attack for 358 Damage. Also focus on Debuff Type, 1 Enemy have 75% chance to cause Silence (Cannot use skill and Skill Gauge reset) for 5 secs.
Slide Skill : Attack 2 Random Targets for 822 Damage. Also all allies receive +1000 HP shield for 14 secs. Also 5 attack type allies receive Weakness Skill Damage +65% for 20 secs.
Drive Skill : Attack 3 Random Targets for 2045 Damage. Also cleanses all removable debuffs from all allies and 3 highest attack allies attack +150%.
Leader Skill : All allies Skill Gauge Speed +25% and HP +1000.

7) Ragna Break Season 11 new Enemy
- Buried Dabi
- Familiar Narbi

8) New Child
- New Child 5* White Light Mona
* You can acquire her from Premium Summons
Destiny Child white light mona
5* White Light Mona
Light Element
Attack Type

Auto Skill : Attack for 114 Damage
Tap Skill : Attack for 502 Damage. If Target is Dark Type, 525 Additional damage. Also Increases Self Weakness Skill Damage +90% for 3 turns.
Slide Skill : Attack 3 Enemy with Highest Attack for 1005 Damage. If Target is Dark Type, 750 Additional Damage. Also self Debuff time reduced -40% (except Freeze and Petrify) for 12 secs.
Drive Skill : Attack 4 Enemy with Highest Attack for 2530 Damage. Also receive White Angry Light (Attack +180% and Invincible, after timer ends receive up to 50% damage) for 18 secs.
Leader Skill : All Light Element Allies Weakness Skill Damage +20% (Additional +25% in Raid)

9) New Skin Update
- New Skin "Black Tear Dabi" will be added
* Black Tear Dabi can be obtained through Raid Shop, Platinum Box, and Rank Reward
- New Skin "Cursed Frey Puppet"
* Can be obtained through Rebirth Labyrinth
- Lacia Suit Eve is a paid skin

10) Hot Spring Skin Update
- The following child Hot Spring skin updated with Live2D
Hypnos, Kratos, Red Queen, Arms, Fighter

11) Devil Pass
- Devil Pass will be added
- Acquire Pass Points to move up in tiers and achieve various rewards.
* Devil Pass consists of 60 tiers and requires 50 pass points per tier.
- During Devil Pass, Lisa's homework final reward will be changed from Blood Gem to 90 Pass Points.
- After even duration, it will be changed back.
- You can acquire Pass Points through daily missions, Happy Birthday 2 us Fiesta, Ragna Missions.
- If you do not acquire n Arch Devil Pass, you can only get basic rewards.

12) New Weapons
- New Weapons have been added
- 5* Altered Night (Weapon), Altered Flower (Armor), Altered Crown (Accessory)
* Can only be acquired in the 2nd Anniversary event

13) Bug fixes and improvements
- Improved Lantern Use in Night Walk
- Bath Product Prices have been changed
- Fixed a visual bug in Hot Spring
- Fixed Neptune's Slide Skill

14) Other Changes
- Upon Log In, you will receive the compensation for the Ragna Break Season 11 pre-registration.
- New Event Packages added White Light Mona I and II, White Ligh Mona Special Package
- Pop Up Reward reset

15) Events
- Great Devil Festival! 2nd Anniversary Event
* Gift for all pre-registration users. Also log in everyday for various rewards.

- 2nd Anniversary Happy Birthday 2 US Event
* Complete all the quests in the Home Icon for rewards

- Ragna Dungeon Clear Event
* Clear Dungeon Normal and Hard for 1000 Crystal Each

- Ragna Mission Clear Event
* Clear 15 mission for 3000 Crystal

- Raid Shop Reset Event
* Reset the Raid Shop up to 4 times for various rewards
500 Crystal, 100K Gold, 1000 Crystal, 200K Gold

- Next Break! Discover the next Level Event
* Discover a Raid Level of 10, 20, and 30 for various rewards
3x 3-5* Child Summon, 300K Gold, 3000 Crystal

- Deadly Strike! One Kill the Level 40 Raid Boss
* Get first place in your own and a friend's level 40 raid boss for a 5* Child Summon Ticket.

- Pay Now and Receive Blood Gem
* Pay Real Money and Receive Additional Blood Gems

- Double Mileage on Summon Child Event
* Double Mileage on Child Summons

- White Light Mona Summon Up Event
* Summon Rate up on White Light Mona

Destiny Child - Ragna Break Season 11

destiny child dabi

destiny child dabi kr

destiny child vanishing twin
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