Destiny Child - World Boss Renewal

Destiny Child - World Boss Renewal
Destiny Child (데스티니 차일드) World Boss mode update.

Patch Notes translated in Destiny Child Facebook Group.

World Boss Renewal

- World Boss has been renewed, It will be in the form of Trials

* Users must be Level 12 or above

- The first World Boss will be Black Widow Iphis which will last until 10/02

* You'll be able to use the shop until 10/04

- A total of 28 missions will be added according to the new World Boss System.

a) Battle
Destiny Child - World Boss Renewal KR

- Each Time you succeed in defeating a World Boss, your level will rise.

- The phase will be updated once you've defeated the World Boss Lvl 10

- The Strength of the World Boss depends on the Phase

- The Higher the level the stronger the Boss

- The stronger World Boss receive better rewards.

- Similar to current world boss, 20 children will battle at one time. Automatic Skill and Fever Mode is activated.

- World Boss will first attack the top row of 10 than the last row.

- Depending on the presence of BOOST Child in the party, the basic rewards (World Boss Pieces) may change.

<<What is a Boost Child?>>

- Boost Child is a child that increases the number of WB Pieces at the end of battle.

- You may include more than 1 Boost Child

- This Season Boost Child are Marine Suit Lisa, Marine Suit Davi, Catshire Nevan. You may refer more in the World Boss List.

- World Boss Battle consumes 1 World Boss Challenge ticket

* You may have up to 6 and they refresh at 1 every 2 hours.

* You can recharge the tickets by using Crystal.

* World Boss Ticket may be recharged 20 times a day.

- You may use the Trial Again function if the World Boss hasn't been defeated.

b) World Boss Rank Rewards
Destiny Child - World Boss Rank reward
- At the end of World Boss Season, the rewards will be rewarded based on cumulative damage.

- Rewards will be paid from 1st~100th place

- Remaining players above 100th place are rewarded in group percentiles.

c) World Boss Shop
Destiny Child - World Boss shop
- A shop that you can use World Boss Pieces.

- You will be able to use the store from 09/20 ~ 10/04

- Each prize is worth a certain amount of pieces.

- Each prize has a certain restriction (just like Re Birth Lab)

- Some items may only be available at certain phases.

d) Practice Mode

- You can use Practice mode that will be on the left side.

* The damage will not be recorded and does not affect actual World Boss or Ranking.

* Party Lineup is saved for actual World Boss, please confirm your configuration before the actual battle.
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